A Machine for Converting Sawdusts, Ricehulls and other Carbonaceous fine Materials into Smoke-free Charcoal

Patent Number/ Registration Number: 16273

Status of Application: Expired

Agency: Forest Products Research and Development Institute (FPRDI)

Field /Industry: Energy

Brief Description/Features of the Technology:

A machine for converting sawdusts, rice hulls and other carbonaceous fine materials by the direct-fire method into smoke-free charcoal suitable for the manufacture of charcoal briquettes, installed in an inclined position to facilitate the downward flow of the fine materials, comprising of a hopper located at the top, a rectangular trough for the carbonization of the fine materials, a swing-type plate to cover the trough, a firebox for setting a fire to preheat the trough and dry the thin layer of the fine materials inside the trough making ignition easy, a charcoal receiver with a cover for cooling the carbonized materials, and a support to hold firmly the machine in an inclined position.


Calvin P. Estudillo

Cesar M. Mamino

Elmo E. San Pedro

Wilson G. Toroy

Roberto R. Cabral

Leonida P. Briones