For Industry Partners

Licensing Process for DOST Technologies

1. Make a Request

Submit a letter to DOST’s Technology Application and Promotion Institute (TAPI) expressing your interest to pursue technology licensing.

2. Meet and Discuss

DOST – ­TAPI sets consultative meetings to discuss and negotiate terms for technology transfer and licensing.

3. Assess Technology Needs

If necessary, DOST experts conduct ocular visits or technology needs assessment to match your technology needs based on existing resources.

4. Review Draft Agreement

DOST prepares a draft technology licensing agreement, term sheet or any applicable agreement for your review and approval.

5. Get Recommendation and Fairness Opinion Report

In direct negotiations for a technology commercialization agreement, DOST Research and Development Institutes or DOST agencies request the DOST Secretary for a Fairness Opinion Report (FOR) on the licensing agreement or term sheet upon recommendation from a Fairness Opinion Board composed of an independent third party/experts.

6. Sign the Agreement

Once a favorable Fairness Opinion Report is secured, the licensing agreement shall become final and executory.