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Grants and Assistance To Leverage Innovations For National Growth (GALING) Program


This program aims to have a holistic approach of packaged assistance that will harmonize the pre-commercialization programs of DOST-TAPI's Invention Development Division (IDD), in particular the Testing and Analyses Program, Industry Based Invention Development (IBID) Program, and Invention-Based Enterprise Development (IBED) Program. It will also provide financial assistance for iterative prototyping. Compared to these individual programs, GALING shall offer a more comprehensive assistance that aims to shepherd pre-commercialization preparatory works through TRL-based intervention that includes iterative prototyping. 

Grants and Assistance To Leverage Innovations For National Growth (GALING) Guidelines
  • The program provides support in the development and improvement of an innovation’s TRL to improve its technical viability and marketability

  • The program provides the following support to inventors:

    1. Provision of technical assistance for the fabrication of prototype/s in collaboration with experts from the industry, DOST Regional Offices, State Universities and Colleges (SUCs) or private educational institutions, and Research and Development Institutes (RDIs).
    2. Provision of financial assistance to cover the raw materials, equipment, tools/devices, and labor expenses for the fabrication of prototype/s that will be used in iteration, testing, debugging/refinement, demonstration, and pilot testing of an innovation as placed in the laboratory and real working environment.
    3. Assistance by laboratories and other facilities of RDIs, SUCs or Higher Education Institute (HEIs), DOST Regional Offices, and private institutions in the testing requirements of a prototype.
  • To provide a holistic package of assistance for pre-commercialization activities to improve the TRL of technologies, this program aims to:

    1. Encourage the development of new and working technologies by providing technical and financial assistance in the development of a potential or actual innovation; and
    2. Support the development of commercial prototype/s for technology validation, and pilot-scale/field testing.
  • The following assistance shall be covered by this Program which may be given up to two (2) phases depending in the stage of development of the technology. Only those projects with TRL 5 and below may be implemented in two (2) phases provided that implementation per phase shall be made within one (1) year.  Additional funding for only one (1) iteration of prototype per phase may be allowed:

    1. Technology Validation/Product Development: Improvement of the prototype to make it readily available for deployment to actual environment.
    2. Market Validation/pilot testing: Improvement of the prototype to make it ready for pilot testing and validated in the market.
    1. A Filipino Citizen who is permanently residing in the Philippines;
    2. If below 18 years old or 60 years old and above, must have a Co-Implementor as defined in this Guidelines; and
    3. Must have no unliquidated account or overdue obligation with TAPI.
  • The Proponent shall comply/submit the following basic requirements:

    1. Application letter addressed to the TAPI Director (Annex A);
    2. Copy of a Valid Government-issued ID with birth date;
    3. Deed of undertaking of co-implementor, if applicable;
    4. Duly signed Data Privacy Consent Form (Annex B); and
    5. Duly signed Proposal following the prescribed format (Annex C) to include other requirements as prescribed in the documentary requirements of the program’s guidelines.
  • Mr. Roberto R. Verzosa

    Program Manager, Senior Science Research Specialist

    Telephone Number: (+632) 8 837-2072 to 82, local 2166