• IP Valuation Manual goes to DOST Regions
  • Fairness Opinion Report: The Spirit of the Law
  • Invent School Goes Digital
  • Invent School Reaches Out to Far Flung Areas
  • TECHNICOM zeroes in on renewable energy-powered techs
  • Farm Mechanization gets spotlight in TECHNICOM webinar
  • TECHNICOM shows sustainable tech-crafts in its 5th webinar episode
  • DOST-TAPI saves P10M with in-house patent agents, continues to capacitate staff on IPR services
  • DOST-TAPI improves IP assistance
  • TAPI intensifies efforts to reach out to Filipino inventors, encouraging creativity and innovation…
  • DOST-PTRI expands campaign for local upscale natural dye with HIRANG
  • Filipino Consumers expect healthier treats, courtesy of DOST
  • SUC, HEI bag top stakeholder for DOST-TAPI-assisted IPR
  • DOST-MIRDC’s joins HIRANG with four-in-one iron forming tech

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In compliance with the program guidelines of conducting monitoring on their funded technologies, the Department of Science and Technology-…

Gaining concerns on the availability of bamboo as raw materials for the manufacture of various bamboo-based pr

Year 20

The Philippines, being a tropical country, is considered to be a Dengue hotspot according to the Center for Di

The Philippine Nuclear Research Institute (DOST-PNRI) through the Intellectual Property (IP) filing assistance

Pursuant to the Technology Transfer Act of 2009, the HIRANG DOST-ASTI Internship team members, with the persistent proposition of their m

Recognizing the importance of protecting the intellectual properties (IP) generated from research and developm

Adapting the business mindset in developing innovations, Dr.

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