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Invent School Program (ISP)


The Invent School Program (ISP) serves as a platform for the youth to awaken their true ingenuity by stimulating their interest for creativity and inventiveness. The Program involves a two-day seminar-workshop for elementary, high school, and college students. This seminar-workshop is designed to open the minds of students on techniques in developing ones’ creative knowledge which is crucial in invention and prototype development as a crucial starting ground for young Filipino inventors.

Guidelines (ISP for Elementary)
Guidelines (ISP for High School and College Levels)
  • The Invent School Program is a trademarked program of the Technology Application and Promotion Institute that serves as a platform for the youth to awaken their true ingenuity by stimulating their interest for creativity and inventiveness.

    • To inculcate creative thinking and bring about inventiveness among students to entice them to pursue activities leading to creativeness in solving problems in industrial applications;
    • To create students’ awareness on Intellectual Property Rights and Protection;
    • To undertake a training for students to awaken their creativity and inventiveness with inclination to prototype development and entrepreneurship;
    • To promote and establish new young inventors’ associations/clubs that are expected to intensify inventive activities in the campuses; and
    • To encourage students to pursue science-related courses leading to a career that would make them professional inventors and scientists in the future.
  • Elementary, High School, and College students.

  • Invent School usually covers topics on Creativity, Creative Thinking, Ideation Tools and Techniques, Invention Development, Prototyping and Awareness, Prior Arts Search, and Basic Patent Drafting.

  • Invent School offers seminar workshops for elementary, high school, and college students, usually catering 40-50 students. Student-participant shall be accompanied by their adviser/s.

  • A letter request shall be addressed to the TAPI Director attaching the project proposal and endorsement letter from DOST Regional Offices.

  • Yes we do have but subject to availability of funds and approved requests. Items with Invent School logo or word mark may be available such as bags, umbrellas, T-shirts, memo pads, pencils, pens, keychains, caps, pins and certificates. It would be best if these will be requested as remembrance of the students who will complete our training. 

  • Rizalniño L. Noble

    Program Manager, Senior Science Research Specialist

    Telephone Number: (+632) 8 837-2072 to 82, local 2166