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DOST-ITDI, Discovering Possibilities for HIRANG technologies

Keeping up with the activities under the HIRANG Internship Program, the Department of Science and Technology – Industrial Technology Development Institute (DOST-ITDI) recently conducted the sensory evaluation of the technology, “Drum Dried Mango Flakes”, which determines how a consumer reacts to a product or retail setting using the five basic senses. Through the assistance and linkages of Dr. Myrna O. Nisperos, mentor and a Balik Scientist, the team was able to gather favorable responses commending its acceptability, taste, appearance, and likeness. It has also successfully attracted possible adopters who showed interest with the technology.

“Even though we already have interested technology adopters, we should still continue looking for other possible licensees”, Dr. Nisperos advised the team during a Zoom meeting. The team was tasked to reach out to potential clients by offering the HIRANG technologies. Subsequently, it serves as a training ground for the interns to market the technologies and explore more possibilities.

On the other hand, the second technology of DOST-ITDI is the Spray Dried Roselle Powder. It is a natural colorant derived from roselle flowers that provides food processors with an alternative way of processing raw materials into easy store, easy transport, high-value commodities with long shelf-life. Thinking out of the box, Dr. Nisperos proposed to use the said technology into other applications such as a food supplement given its various medicinal benefits of. However, laboratory tests are yet to be conducted to verify such claims and commercialization opportunities.

“These technologies have market potential and I am willing to help the team in marketing and commercializing the technologies,” Dr. Nisperos expressed her commitment. Since the HIRANG Internship Program started, she showed her eagerness not only in accomplishing targets but most importantly in sharing her knowledge and expertise. As a matter of fact, she conducted a webinar on 18 June 2020 together with the DOST-ITDI as participants, discussing the technology transfer, marketing and commercialization. The DOST-ITDI is expected to accomplish all deliverables until the end of HIRANG Internship Program in August 2020.