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Invent School Earns NEDA Nod as Priority DOST Program

Invent School Earns NEDA Nod as Priority DOST Program

The Invent School Program of the Technology Application and Promotion Institute (TAPI) of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) is now certified by the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) as one of its priority government programs under its National Priority Plan for 2023.

DOST-TAPI’s Invent School aims to stimulate creativity and inventiveness among future scientists and inventors.

The National Priority Plan is a list of the Philippine government’s priority activities, projects, and programs in the areas of science and culture, education, health, youth and sports development, human settlements, and economic development. The list is issued annually by NEDA as mandated in the National Internal Revenue Code.

With its inclusion in this year’s list, the Invent School is now eligible to receive tax-deductible donations from various partners and organizations, particularly in the private sector, to help broaden and strengthen the implementation of the Program.

“NEDA’s endorsement came at a perfect time for TAPI as we are all excited to bring back the Invent School inside classrooms and face to face with students after years of holding the Program online due to the pandemic,” says TAPI Director Atty. Marion Ivy Decena. 

“This will help us amplify the scope and coverage of the Invent School by bringing in new partners who will help us ignite the spark of ingenuity among our youth and inspire them to pursue their inventive ideas,” she adds.

As a flagship program of DOST-TAPI, the Invent School serves as a platform to stimulate creativity and inventiveness among elementary pupils, high school, and college students. Through highly interactive seminar-workshops, the program teaches students about techniques in creative and innovative thinking, which are crucial in developing ideas for their inventions and prototypes.  The program also aims to raise awareness, appreciation, and understanding of intellectual property rights among its young participants.

Invent School participants engage in interactive exercises and group activities.

Since 2008, the Invent School has reached around 10,000 students in more than 1,500 schools from all over the country.

“We hope that with new donors and partners, we can increase these numbers and bring the Invent School to all 60,000 schools across the Philippines,” Director Decena says. 

“We welcome the support and contribution of groups, organizations, and industries—particularly in the sectors of education, technology, and telecommunications—in providing the necessary resources for expanding the Invent School in the regions and provinces, especially in underserved areas,” she adds.

The Invent School Program has worked with agencies within the DOST to enrich its implementation.  It collaborated with the Philippine Science High School to increase its pool of mentors, and with the Philippine Council for Health Research and Development to launch an online learning platform for the program.

Through Project SciNing and in collaboration with the BARMM Ministry of Science and Technology, DOST-TAPI was able to bring the Invent School to Basilan for the first time.

The program was also a key component of DOST-TAPI’s Project SciNing, which was a recipient of NEDA’s Innovation Grants for 2022.  The Invent School contributed to project outcomes in promoting adoption of local inventions and technologies, and developing the capacities of the youth in creativity and innovation.

Join us in bringing DOST-TAPI’s Invent School to more students across the country! Click HERE to learn more about our Invent School Program, or email our Applied Communications Unit for Inventors at to learn how you can be an Invent School partner! 


Lawrence San Diego
DOST-TAPI S&T Media Service