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IP Valuation Manual goes to DOST Regions

            After successfully launching the country’s first ever Intellectual Property (IP) Valuation Manual in the first quarter of 2020, the Technology Application and Promotion Institute of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST-TAPI) have rolled out copies of the book to its regional, provincial offices, research and development institutes, councils, and service agencies as well.     

Through the Invention Development Division of DOST-TAPI, the IP Valuation Manual has been distributed to partner agencies to ensure that the country’s public S&T servants will be equipped with the latest methodologies in the said technical field. Specifically, the book intends to comprehensively communicate and educate scientists, inventors and researchers of established protocols and procedures that can be used to assess the potential financial value of an invention’s intangible IP asset such as patent, utility model, industrial design, copyright, and trademark.

Seasoned experts, mostly from DOST-TAPI collaborated to produce the publication, with the goal of strengthening the Philippine’s overall innovation ecosystem. The manual simplified the technical discussions on IP protection and the various approaches to valuation. It also  provided case studies to help the readers appreciate and apply the methodologies presented. 

 Meanwhile, the writers of the book are grateful for the positive reception of readers and look forward to its continued commercial release. Through the manual, they hope Filipino inventors and researchers will be able to determine the true value of their technologies and use it as a leverage in negotiating with potential investors.      

DOST-TAPI held the book launch of the said manual during the the TAPI-IDD’s Hirang Internship Program held at the Hotel Jen Manila on January 27, 2020. The book was also made available to the public in September.


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