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Project SciNing Taps into Art to Draw Out Innovative Spirit of Basilan’s Youth

Project SciNing taps into art to draw out innovative spirit of Basilan

Visual arts became an uncommon yet effective vehicle for high school students in Basilan to explore their innovative ideas at the Invent School Program held by the Technology Application and Promotion Institute (TAPI) of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) last November 2022.

More than 30 students from 17 schools across Basilan joined the Invent School Program, where they participated in interactive seminars and workshops to learn creative thinking, problem solving, ideation tools and techniques, invention development, and intellectual property rights, among other topics.

Through DOST-TAPI’s Project SciNing and partnership with the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao, the Invent School in Basilan became a unique activity by including art exercises to help the students tap into their creative talents and further enrich their learning journey in science and innovation. 

Invent School students in Basilan tapped into their inner artists to express their ideas through painting.

Using acrylic and watercolor on canvas, the young participants painted their different messages about upholding peace, conserving nature, and promoting innovation, as well as their hopes for their island province.

“Like in other modules of the Invent School, the art exercise is an activity that promotes ideation and innovative thinking among the participants,” Project SciNing head Marvin Eric Dela Cruz explained.

“Science is usually technical and theoretical, but like art, it can also be practical and experiential,” he added. “Art and science should not be pitted against each other. Both fields invite us to be curious explorers; thus, the fusion of art and science can give rise to innovation.”

DOST-TAPI launched its Project SciNing last year to inspire a new generation of promising Filipino inventors and innovators by promoting experiential learning, creative storytelling, and meaningful partnerships.

The Posible sa SciNing Gala showcased the Invent School students’ masterpieces in an art exhibition.

The project held its Posible sa SciNing Gala last December 2022 in Makati City as a celebration of its success in Basilan and to further promote its advocacy. At the Gala, all the masterpieces of the Invent School students were showcased and viewed by partners from Basilan, various government agencies, the science community, and the private sector. 

The Kaibuturan photo exhibit complemented the Invent School students’ artworks.

Together with the art gallery, the Kaibuturan photo exhibit was also launched, featuring snapshots of the Invent School in Basilan and the vibrant culture and communities of the island province.

Through Project SciNing, DOST-TAPI hopes to broaden the scope and coverage of the Invent School and forge new partnerships for the program so it can reach more students in the country.

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Lawrence San Diego
DOST-TAPI S&T Media Service