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Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Assistance Program (CLOSED)

The IPR Assistance Program provides assistance in securing intellectual property (IP) protection by TAPI pursuant to E.O. No. 128. The Program offers a holistic package of assistance for patent, utility model, industrial design, copyright and trademark applications for private individual inventors, various institutions, and researcher with privately funded R&D. It also encourages creative research and inventive activities and investments in research and development by securing, for the inventors, the protection of appropriate IP rights and interests related to their inventions; and facilitates technology transfer.

IPRAP Guidelines
  • IPRAP is one of the programs of assistance of TAPI which provides technical and funding assistance in securing appropriate IP protection of completed R&D projects generated/funded by private individual inventors, various institutions, researcher with privately funded Research and Development (R&D), DOST Research and Development Institutions (RDIs), other public RDIs, private RDIs and State Universities and Colleges (SUCs) which acquired funding for its research/es from DOST System. It offers a holistic package of assistance for patent, utility model, industrial design, copyright and trademark applications.

  • Applicant may be either of the following:

    2.1 Male or female, Filipino citizen. Preference is given to members of DOST-TAPI accredited inventor's organization and female applicants pursuant to RA 7192 on Women in Development and Nation Building Act. A group of individuals may also avail of the iPRAP assistance subject to additional documentary requirements; or

    2.2 A duly recognized academic, research institution or legitimate juridical entities without DOST Funding; or

    2.3 Entities which utilized DOST funding for research and development of the technology being filed for IP application.

  • 3.1 For individual applicants, Applicant must:

    3.1.1 Be a Filipino citizen and a resident of the Philippines.

    3.1.2 Be of good moral character and has not been convicted of any case involving moral turpitude;

    3.1.3 Be of legal age who can be capable, eligible, and willing to carry out the requirements of the assistance. For applicants below eighteen (18) years of age (a minor), a guardian or parents' consent shall be required in the Conforme;

    3.1.4 Be the owner of the technology or innovation being requested for assistance under this Program;

    3.1.5 For at least two individual applicants, assignment of a focal person to whom all correspondences related to this Program will be addressed.

    3.2 For academic, research institutions and other juridical entities, Applicant must be the owner of the technology or innovation being requested for assistance under this Program.

  • There is no limit on the number of request but there should be a good track record of the commercialization of previously TAPI-assisted obtained IPs.

  • Yes. As long as the requirements are complied.

  • None.  However, TAPI-IPRAP shall provide funding assistance for the maintaining fee or annuities for patent application until the issuance of patent. Payment of annuities or maintaining fees or renewal fees to the IPO after the issuance of patent/industrial  shall be shouldered by the patentee.

  • The proposals are evaluated by the Program Manager, patent agents, and approved by the Division Manager and TAPI Director.

  • None. 

  • It will only take forty (40) days if the required documents are complete.

  • The local patent office processes the patent application to the issuance for the period of 3-7 years.  For utility model and industrial designs, it ranges from 6 months to 2 years.

  • Commercialization “of granted” IPs.

  • Ms. Richelle C. Malaay

    Program Manager, Science Research Specialist II

    Telephone Number: (+632) 8 837-2072 to 82, local 2150


    • Letter request (Annex A2) addressed to Atty. Marion Ivy D. Decena, TAPI Director (format attached);
    • Duly accomplished Invention Disclosure Form (Annex B2) (attached);
    • Data Privacy Form (Annex D) (attached);
    • Five (5) copies of the duly accomplished application form and Affidavit of Ownership (see attached) in legal size bond paper;
    • Deed of Assignment, if the copyright owner is different from the author(s) per existing IP policy;
    • Two (2) electronic copies in CDs or send to and one (1) printed copy of their works; and
    • Photocopy / Scanned copy of recent IDs of the authors or copyright owner.

    •  Copyright Registration Form

    •  Copyright Deed of Assignment

  • 2.1. Reimbursement of filing fees:

    • Original Official Receipt (OR) from IPOPhil. within the month from the date of filing.
    • A copy of the specifications/claims and drawings (when applicable) stamped received by IPOPhil.
    • Copy of the other documents from IPOPhil.
  • Government fees and professional fees of the Patent Agent to be assigned for the possible IP filing of the TAPI approved technology until the IP Application is granted/registered in the Intellectual Property Office of the Phillipines (IPOPHL).

    • Letter request (Annex A) addressed to Atty. Marion Ivy D. Decena, TAPI Director (format attached);
    • Duly accomplished Invention Disclosure Form (Annex B) (attached) - please make sure that item No. 4 is well disclosed;
    • Preliminary Search Report (Annex C) (attached);
    • Data Privacy Form (Annex D) (attached);
    • Technical Report/Thesis (if available);
    • Pictures/Drawings/Sketches of the machine/device with labels of the parts (for machines/device/apparatus); process flow/diagram (for chemical/food products/processes); screenshots of GUI, programs flowchart, encryption, safety marks used, if any (for software);
    • Test Results (if available);
    • Valid government issued ID of the technology owner; if IP policy/contract/agreement states that the technology owner or IPR owner is the school/agency/institute the owner, then present the ID of the head of school/agency/institute;
    • Electronic copy of the mark (for trademarks); and
    • Trademark application form (for trademarks).
  • Moreover, should you wish to check the status of your IP application/s in the future, you may register in the Inventors’ System for Intellectual Property Applications and Grants (iSIPAG) website ( iSIPAG provides a system for online filing of requests for assistance (ongoing development) and monitoring services so our clients will no longer need to personally visit the office, call us up, or send an email to file requirements or inquire the statuses of the applications.

    To register, just visit the iSIPAG website at Create an account and enter the corresponding information needed. Upon successful registration, kindly wait for a confirmation email before you can login and access iSIPAG.

Annexes - Requirements - AO-2022-018