Process of Producing High-Grade Chemical Pulp

Patent Number/ Registration Number: 9154

Status of Application: Expired

Agency: Forest Products Research and Development Institute (FPRDI)

Field /Industry: Pulp

Brief Description/Features of the Technology:

A process of producing cellulosic pulps from the fibrous plant materials of abaca and banana comprising of fully digesting the material with potassium hydroxide at a percentage from 12 to 18 % of the moisture-free weight of the fibrous-materials charged, in a conventional pressurized digester in a liquor-to-material ratio of 4:1, the pulping reaction scheduled at an initial 30-minute period to raise the temperature from room to 160°C maximum and a subsequent 60-minute period of sustained digestion at the maximum temperature of 160°C.

Problem Addressed: 

  • Improve product quality
  • Waste utilization


Higher quality of pulp a from abaca and banana


Jaime O. Escolano

Eduardo P. Villanueva

Calvin P. Estudillo

Olivia B. Tadena

Cresencia H. Ballon

Rosenda V. Visperas