Name of Technology: Rice Harvester Attachment (System of Assembling a combined Harvester and Thresher Attachment to Hand Tractor & the Apparatus Therefrom)

Patent Number/ Registration Number: 1-2017-000129

Status of Application: On – going

Agency: Metals Industry Research and Development Center (MIRDC)

Field /Industry: Agriculture (Rice)

Brief Description/Features of the Technology:

This is an assembly of combined harvester and thresher attachments that can easily mounted and removed from a hand tractor.    

Problem Addressed: 

Mechanization on Harvesting & Optimization of the Hand Tractor


  • Conform to PAES 
  • Simple installation, operation and maintenance
  • Lessen labor costs

Market Potential /Application:

Agricultural Machine Fabricators, Farming Machine Distributors, Rice Farming


Isidro D. Millo

Ronnie S. Alamon

Emerito V. Banal

Raymond S. De Ocampo

Laureano L. Dalay