Advanced Remote Data-Acquisition Unit

Advanced Remote Data-Acquisition Unit

Field/ Industry: Electronics

Agency: Advanced Science and Technology Institute

Utility Model/Registration Number: Reg. no.:  2-2012000525

Status of Application:Registered

Brief Description:

A data logger that can be configured to store, record, and acquire data such as but not limited to air pressure, air temperature, air humidity, wind speed, wind direction, rain amount, rain duration, rain intensity among others. The device gathers data automatically without human intervention while data transmission is done through the use of GSM/GPRS and/or satellite. The data logger can also be reconfigured for other applications depending on the type of sensor or Input/Output devices to be integrated and can also be used to control other remote electronic devices or system.

Problem Addressed:

Local solution which provides near real-time measurement of weather parameters and instant access to weather information/data on your desktop.


  1. The device has low operating power consumption making it suitable for renewable energy sources such as solar power;
  2. The device can be installed/used in remote areas (in conjunction with a system requiring storing/recording and transmission of data) having no or minimal access to electricity;
  3. The device has an intelligent power saving scheme;
  4. The device can resend data in case of network disruption;
  5. The device has redundant power scheme equipped with primary and secondary power system;
  6. The health and system status of the device can be remotely queried and monitored;
  7. The device can be switched from GSM/GPRS to satellite communication (when necessary) and vice versa to ensure that data is transmitted all the time;
  8. Device system settings can be configured remotely;
  9. The device firmware can be upgraded remotely using over-the-air (OTA) programming; and
  10. The device is fully configurable to accept different sensor types and communication interfaces.

Market Potential:

Research Institutions, Policy-creating and implementing bodies, Local Government Units and Non-government Organizations


Gerwin P. Guba

Harold Bryan S. Paler

Glenn Vincent C. Lopez

Jericho C. Capito

George A. Mesina

Jeanette D. Badong

Marjon N. De Paz

Leynnard Rey M. Matillano