Bamboo Parquet Block


Field / Industry: Construction

Agency: Forest Products Research and Development Institute (FPRDI)

Patent Number / Registration Number: 386

Status of Application: Expired

Brief Description / Features of the Technology:

The technology relates to a commercial product of composite construction and materials in house and/or building construction, particularly in parquetry as block flooring.  A composite material of wood (veneers) and bamboo (slats), consisting of three layers, i.e. a layer of bamboo and two layers of veneers.  The upper layer or face consists of bamboo slats so arranged to effect beauty of unparalleled parquetry effects, which cannot be done in plywood, or plybamboo (the faces of which have been slittered, without removing the rind, in order to spread them flat).

Problem Addressed:                      

  • New raw material for flooring

Market Potential / Application:

  • Housing

Inventors / Authors:                        

Emilio Jaranilla;