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Intellectual Property Rights Assistance Program (IPRAP)

The IPR assistance Program provides assistance in securing intellectual property (IP) protection by TAPI pursuant to E.O. No. 128. Also, funding support for payment of filing fees for applications for utility model registration of patent may be availed of by Filipino inventors, researchers or individuals. It also encourages creative research and inventive activities and investments in research and development by securing, for the inventors, the protection of appropriate IP rights and interests related to their inventions; and facilitates technology transfer.


Protection of intellectual property is a crucial preliminary step in technology transfer and commercialization. TAPI provides assistance in patent consultation and provides grants for the payment of Patent Agents and IPO’s fees.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  1. What is TAPI’s IPRAP?

IPRAP is one of the program of assistance of TAPI that provides technical and funding assistance in securing appropriate intellectual property (IP) protection of completed R&D projects generated/funded by Filipino public and private researchers, innovators, technologists.

  1. Who are qualified to avail the assistance from IPRAP?

Applicant should be any of the following, provided that Applicant certifies that he/it has no conflict of interest with any person or entity with regard the application:

  1. a Filipino citizen residing in the Philippines;
  2. a duly recognized academic or research institution; and/or
  3. member of inventors’ organizations accredited by TAPI.

In addition, Applicant must:

  1. be of good moral character and has not been convicted of any case involving moral turpitude; and
  2. have no delinquent account with TAPI.
  3. What is the coverage of assistance of the IPRAP?
  4. Consultancy assistance in the form of:


  • Advisory services concerning rules of practice in patent cases;
  • Guidance in the:
  • Preparation of patent application documents including specification, claims and drawings;
  • Prosecution of the patent application.
  • Package of assistance for the following IPs:
  • Patents – preparation of application, payment of applicable government and/or professional fees (i.e. filing fees and other fees for the prosecution of application and annuities up to grant of patent).
  • Utility Model – preparation of application, payment of applicable government and/or professional fees (i.e. filing fees and other fees for the prosecution of application up to the issuance of certificate).
  • Industrial Design – preparation of application, payment of applicable government and/or professional fees (i.e. filing fees and other fees for the prosecution of application up to the issuance of certificate).
  • Trademarks –preparation of application and payment of applicable government and/or professional fees (i.e. filing fees and other fees for the prosecution of application up to the issuance of certificate). This is for DOST generated and assisted technologies only.
  • Copyright – cost of filing fees

3. What are the requirements for submission of proposal under IPRAP?

For patent/UM application:

  1. Fully filled up invention disclosure form;
  2. Full disclosure of the technology with electronic copy;
  3. Preliminary search report;
  4. Certification that a working model/proof of concept is available;
  5. Copy of the research undertaking agreement for research-based applications with funding from a government or private sponsor; and
  6. For Applicants with research agreements, the application is requested by the funding agency or the R&D institute.
  7. For payment of filing fees only:
    1. a copy of the final draft of specification and claim for filing at IPOPhil, request for patent/UM/ID application with necessary drawings; or
    2. one (1) set complete original of the patent/UM/ID application together with the specification and claims stamped received by the IPOPhil and the Statement of Account (SOA) as proof of filing of the application with the IPOPhil. The SOA should have been issued within two weeks; or
  • For reimbursement of filing fees
  1. Original Official Receipt (OR) from IPOPhil. within the month from the date of filing;
  2. A copy of the specifications/claims and drawings (when applicable) stamped received by IPOPhil;
  3. A copy of the other documents from IPOPhil.

For Industrial Design application:

  1. Fully filled up IP disclosure form;
  2. Full disclosure of the design with electronic copy;
  3. Certification that a working model is available for inspection.

For Trademark Application:

  1. Fully filled up application form which contains a certification of actual use. If the trademark is not yet used, at least an undertaking that the said trademark will be used within six (6) months from the receipt of application;
  2. Full description of the trademark, including all representative figures and their variants.

For Copyright Application:

  1. Fully filled up application form;
  2. Two (2) copies of published work for copyright application.
  3. Endorsement letter according to Section 5, if applicable.
  4. Figures, if applicable, to substantially represent and describe the   Depending on the application, figures may be in the form of illustrations, drawings, flowcharts, graphs, and others, which contain proper description of the parts. If drawings are needed in the application but are not available from the Applicant, at least photos that significantly represent and describe the application are included and properly described in the application.
  5. Where will proponents forward proposals for IPRAP?

Proposal or request should be forwarded to the following address:



Technology Application and Promotion Institute

DOST Compound, Bicutan, Taguig City

4. Is there a maximum limit of assistance/request per researcher/agency?

There is no limit on the number of request but there should be a good track record of the commercialization of previously TAPI-assisted obtained IPs.


5. Can requesting party/proponent submit more than one proposal?

Yes. As long as the requirements are complied.


6. Will the program require a counterpart funds from the requesting party?

None.  However, TAPI-IPRAP shall provide funding assistance for the maintaining fee or annuities for patent application until the issuance of patent. Payment of annuities or maintaining fees or renewal fees to the IPO after the issuance of patent/industrial  shall be shouldered by the patentee.


7. What are the levels of evaluation for proposal under IPRAP?

The proposal are evaluated by the Program Manager and TAPI Patent Agents and approved by the Division Manager and TAPI Director.


8. Is there a repayment scheme for assistance provided under the program?



9. What are the criteria for evaluation for proposal under IPRAP?

For Product/Process:

  1. Complete step-by-step procedure on how to formulate the product and the conditions being observed in each step;
  2. The chemical compositions in percent weight or volume, and,
  3. The concentrations of the reagents used.

For machine/device/apparatus:

  1. Complete technical description with parts/elements and exact construction particularly internal details of your apparatus;
  2. Manner of operation of the “device”(e. describe how you tested the efficiency of the device. Step-by-step operation on how the device works); and
  3. Drawings and sketches that significantly present all angles and/or views of the “device” as well as all of its parts (Pictures of your prototype can be submitted, labelling and explaining its parts).


10. How long will it take to grant a request for IP assistance?

It will only take two weeks if the required documents are complete.


11. Approximately, how long before IPR is granted by the local patent office?

The local patent office process the application of patent to the issuance for the period of 3-7 years.  For utility model and industrial design is from 6 months to 2 years.


12. What are the expectation from the re questing party after assistance is granted?

Filing of appropriate IP protection within 30 workings days if passed the novelty requirements.


14. For clarifications and/or more information please contact the following:

Ms. Anna Liza B. Saet

Telephone Number: (+632) 8 837-2071 to 82, local 2150



IDD - (+632) 8 837-2071 to 82, local 2166, 2150

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