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Invent School Program (ISP)

The Invent School Program (ISP) serves as a platform for the youth to awaken their true ingenuity by stimulating their interest for creativity and inventiveness. The Program involves a two-day seminar-workshop for elementary, high school, and college students. This seminar-workshop is designed to open the minds of students on techniques in developing ones’ creative knowledge which is crucial in invention and prototype development as a crucial starting ground for young Filipino inventors.

Guidelines (ISP for Elementary)
Guidelines (ISP for High School and College Levels)


1. What is Invent School program?

The Invent School Program is a trademarked program of the Technology Application and Promotion Institute that serves as a platform for the youth to awaken their true ingenuity by stimulating their interest for creativity and inventiveness.

2. What are the objectives of the Program?

  • To inculcate creative thinking and bring about inventiveness among students to entice them to pursue activities leading to creativeness in solving problems in industrial applications;
  • To create students’ awareness on Intellectual Property Rights and Protection;
  • To undertake a training for students to awaken their creativity and inventiveness with inclination to prototype development and entrepreneurship;
  • To promote and establish new young inventors’ associations/clubs that are expected to intensify inventive activities in the campuses; and
  • To encourage students to pursue science-related courses leading to a career that would make them professional inventors and scientists in the future.

3. Who are the target participants for ISP?

Elementary, High School, and College students.

4. What is the coverage of the Invent School seminar-workshop?

Invent School usually covers topics on Creativity, Creative Thinking, Ideation Tools and Techniques, Invention Development, Prototyping and Awareness, Prior Arts Search, and Basic Patent Drafting.

5. How is the Invent School being conducted?

Invent School offers seminar workshops for elementary, high school, and college students, usually catering 40-50 students. Student-participant shall be accompanied by their adviser/s.

6. How to avail the Invent School?

A letter request shall be addressed to the TAPI Director attaching the project proposal and endorsement letter from DOST Regional Offices.

7. For clarifications and/or more information please contact the following:

Engr. Richelle C. Malaay

Program Manager, Science Research Specialist II

Telephone Number: (+632) 8 837-2071 to 82, local 2166




IDD - (+632) 8 837-2071 to 82, local 2166, 2150